Friday, November 30, 2012

On the Mend

Phew!  Baby, I think I might be coming back.

I haven't had a good bout of bronchitis in a long time.  Years maybe!  I started coughing at the gym last week on Thursday.  My swim on Saturday was full of sputtering and gagging and by Sunday I was down and out.  I spent the week trying to do the barest minimum to ensure the survival of the children and relied on my husband as soon as he walked in the door from work.

The up side to being so sick is that I got more rest in the last 5 days than I probably have had in the previous 5 months.  I went to bed as soon as I could in the evenings and only moved from the couch to change a diaper, fix/serve a meal (used the crock-pot a lot) or break up a fight.  I laid on the floor of the toy room a lot, "participating" in the daily play.  Unfortunately, my Kindergarten child did not get through her assignments this week.

Today I feel about 50% better.  I even did my hair and makeup.  We got through the reading lesson and the Bible lesson and I'm going to try to get her to do her math after lunch.  It's so hard to get them back to a routine once you pause for a few days.

I'm sure that an entire week of not working out has done me some good.  I really can't recall that last time I went a 7 day stretch without even taking a walk.  Of course I did what any clinically insane person would do and immediately stepped on the scale this morning.  Ugh.  Ouch.  Doh.  Pooh.  Up 3 pounds.  I'm sure it's fluid retention from all the hot tea and water I've been pushing, a bit of sluggish tummy from a steady diet of carbs and narry a vegetable or fruit in sight, and the lack of movement.  Did I really gain 3 pounds in a week?  Probably not.

I'm hoping to try a slow run or ride tomorrow.  If the weather is nice, outside in the fresh air.  I've considered walking some to ease back into things.  I was really sick and I don't want a relapse!  I'm already planning my attack for the month of December.  I'm not one to pass up too many goodies this time of year, so I'll need to burn some extra calories to compensate.

The best part so far is that my family has been spared for the most part.  David has been coughing and sniffling, but insists that he feels okay.  I get 10 shades of guilty when I'm sick, glad that I don't have to add "Infecting the Family and Friends" to the list.

Plans to decorate for Christmas this weekend and a bridal shower to attend.  Also, stay tuned for another video from me.  This time, I will explain the joys of the indoor bicycle trainer.  Looking forward to that!  :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

What's Up Monday

I'm whining today.  Not to be confused with "winning."

I have a bad chest cold and can't workout.

So...what does a girl do when she can't train?

Yep.  I do my nails.  I even put on acrylics...haven't done that in almost 20 years.  Apparently, I painted these at 2:22pm by the look of my watch. :)  I did Susan's as well, and Kyler wanted his little hand in the picture too.

I made sure to have my green (looks purple with blueberries!) smoothie this morning.  Between all the vitamins and moisture, I should be well by tomorrow.  We hit the library after work and Miss A said that I was easy to find - she just waited a sec til I coughed and could locate me.  

A stop at CVS to fill my medical needs rounded out the day.

Chocolate and nailpolish also.  Hey, I'm sick.  I get what a want.  And they were $1.99. ;o)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hard to Resist

I'm just like everyone else the days following the glutton-fest of Thanksgiving.  I feel guilty and need to purge.  And I really slothed it up yesterday and did next to nuttin' all day long.  In addition, I had nary a vegetable or fruit yesterday and my day included both nachos and pizza.  Boom.

So, today I got up at 6:30 and hit the gym.  I was greeted by a beautiful sunrise over the cardio room.

I did my best to get a good workout in, but only managed a three-and-a-half mile slog.  I've had quite the cold lately also, and had to neti-pot my nose and hot coffee my throat before I could breathe.  I rewarded myself with a nice, slow swim.

When I got home, I was greeted by one of the Men In Black.

The last suit you'll ever own.
It's a good thing we have him protecting the universe.  I took just this sweet little one to Wal-Mart with me later, and then we laid down and "napped" while my black beans cooked.  Overall, an irresistible day!

Don't Fear the Green Monster!

In this video, I explain my method of making a delicious green smoothie.  Here is the recipe that I use, modify it to fit your tastes.

Green Smoothie
1/2c ripe banana OR other soft fruit (frozen or not)
1/2c frozen berries
2 T milled flax seed
1 T honey OR other sweetener
1 T coconut oil OR other healthy fat
Kale to the top
enough water to make a desirable consistency

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We will be hosting the big day over here again.  I can't remember if it's the 3rd or 4th year...but maybe it's the 4th because I do remember having to skip out and nurse a baby at least one year maybe two.  Let's see, we have lived here since 2007...but I wouldn't have hosted that year because Susan was born in June...maybe I did in 2008 or maybe not...Cameron was born in 2009, so yeah THAT was the baby I was remembering so this is the 4th year!

Glad I figured that out.

One thing that I do know is that I have a fitness tradition on Thanksgiving.  No, it's not a Turkey Trot or Gobble Waddle or any organized race like that, but it IS important.  I get up early and get the turkey in the roaster and then I excuse myself to the basement to do an hour of Yoga X.  It's nice to start out the day like that and by the time I'm done I can smell the turkey cooking!

This year I will remember that it doesn't take quite as long in the roaster.  Woops.  Last year I made this amazing recipe from Jamie Oliver...I wrapped rosemary sprigs in bacon and poked them in the thighs, I pushed stuffing up under the skin to keep the breasts moist - it took a long time!  I was so excited.  Then I over cooked it in my new (to me) roaster.


This year I'm just going to keep it simple with the bird and keep an eye on that roaster.  I have family bringing some sides and pies and I'm just doing the turkey and stuffing.  I hope we will have a nice time.  I know I'm looking forward to some time with my older children.  It's been an adjustment having them in public school this year. :(  I'm sure by Monday I will be happy to kick them out of the van drop them off at school.

Enjoy this funny little video and remember what's important this Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lighting for Runners

A Day In the Life

Here is a few pictures from a typical day.  I failed to keep up on them after lunch...

Here is a photo of the teen in his natural habitat.  I drive him the scant 1.68 miles to school every day now that the weather is cooler.  Aren't I nice?  And yes, this is the only way I could get him in the shot.

The view when I drive out of the school parking lot is pretty neat.  This is our Nebraska State Capitol building.  The sun is coming up behind me and is shining on this beautiful, historic building.  Pretty neat.

I wake up pretty hungry every morning, and I'm always thankful that these taco wagons are not open yet. 
 In the short stretch of 27th Street, I pass two of them PLUS a D'Leon's Authentic Mexican Cuisine...which actually IS open 24 hours.

Taco Wagon 1

Taco Wagon 2
So, I just come home and eat something that looks more like this:

It's better for me - but I sure would rather have a big. badass. burrito.

I won't go into detail about what this picture is about - but let's say that our 3 year old son isn't ready to stand up and use the rest room yet.

Our little buddy, Kyler, is about 10 months old and we all enjoy him to pieces!  We take care of him a few days a week while his Mommy and Daddy go to work.  We've had him since day one - it's amazing to get to know his little personality.  I pray that I will be able to continue with my daycare.  It's been a little nerve wracking lately, as I haven't yet found replacements for 2 of the children that have left.  It will be fine - it always is!

While or little friend takes his morning nap, we read books and work on school.  Our Kindergartner is doing quite well with math, but I can't get her to write her letters on a regular basis.  I've been pointing out the words in the books in hopes that writing will make more sense to her.  All in time...

They sure look sweet, don't they?
And finally after school is all done, we get to have a little TV time.  Doesn't everyone strip down to their underwear and sit in the stuffed animal bin to enjoy their favorite show?

Fortunately, I was able to swim last night - though I had wanted to run as well.  David and I had everything planned out and then remembered that The Teen had a dental appointment at 4:00.  In fact, my poor husband realized this fact at 3:30 when he was about a half mile in to his run!!  No worries, he did get some solid time on the bike trainer before I left for the pool.

Just another day in paradise.

What does your life look like?  I would love to see a picture journal of your day! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Meaning of Life Stuff

I used to laugh at people that "couldn't sleep in."  I loooove to sleep.  If it was my job, I would be top earner for Sleep, Inc.  I have been known to rise early, go for a workout, shower and come home only to get back in to bed til the kids woke up.  Girl can sleep.

Except lately.  Which I complain about incessantly.  So today started early which afforded me plenty of time to get much done on a fine Saturday.

Among other wonderful things today, I had one of the best runs as of late.  It was a typical Autumn day in Nebraska - 20mph south winds with gusts to 30mph.   I headed south into the wind, figuring on the wind pushing me back home.

It wasn't super pleasant at times, but all in all not to bad.  I had my music rocking and the weather was nice for November, for sure.  I went "the other way" on the trail that goes by our house.  One way goes through parks and trees and sweet little neighborhoods.  The other directions heads past Memorial Stadium, through downtown and around the zoo.
After my windy run today.

It seemed there was a football game fixing to start as I headed out.  Lots of folks to weave around on the trail - even had to go around some tailgaters!  My body felt strong and I took the pace easy.  Every song that came on was "the best song!" and by the time I got home, my foot didn't hurt any less but it sure didn't hurt any more than it has for the last month.

I figured out the meaning of life on my run.  For me, it's running.  Okay, if you want to get all deep and stuff - the meaning of my life is to worship God Almighty.  But if you're looking for a simpler, quantifiable, answer from this girl, it's RUNNING.

I'm not sure I've ever had a really bad run.  I've had ones where I didn't perform as well as I had wished or ones where the weather was icky or I hurt myself, but never had a run that made me think twice about lacing up again.  Running (well, at first walk/run intervals) has helped me loose lots and lots of weight, and has made my food choices seem more like fueling choices.  I love running almost as much as guacamole.  Almost.

Running never takes more than it gives.  It gives me time to think.  It gives me the ability to eat like I'm in my 20's when I'm clearly a little further down the metabolism trail.  Running gives me strong legs and a heart like a horse.  My resting heart rate is 43.  Chill.

Running only takes one thing.


I've got plenty of that.  Most folks say I should have been committed long ago!

So whatever gives you time to think and a strong body is worth pursuing.  I'm beginning to love swimming in the same way as running.  Sometimes we need to try new things to know what we like!  So get out there and try walking, cycling, swimming, or even running.  You will thank me for it!

See you in the loony bin!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Attitude Adjustment

Wow, was I ever grumpy this morning.  If I had a puppy, I mighta kicked it.  Thankfully, I am nearly unemployed at this particular point in time and enjoyed the treadmill for 40 minutes or so at the local YMCA.  Attitude adjustment complete.

Maybe my current "sleeping in" schedule is the culprit.  What do you think?

4:50am - My sweet husband's alarm goes off.  Since I am a "woman of a certain age" with an irritable bladder, I tend to have to rise and "shine" at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 times per night.  Hubby's alarm is usually my que to do it one last time.  Awesome.

5:30am - Aforementioned sweet husband leaves for work.  That man is 6'2" of ripped manly man-ness and is quiet as a church mouse in the mornings.  I never hear him dress of have breakfast.  But...I always hear the door close and lock when he leaves.

5:45am - Our 3 year old son, Cameron, has a bad dream.  He wakes screaming like Freddy Kruger has come to visit and I run in there expecting a wet accident or a child who's fallen out of bed.  Nope.  He dreamed that his sister took his graham cracker and wouldn't give it back.  Neat.

5:47am - Lug ever denser youngest child to Mom and Dad's bed to fill empty Daddy spot and hopefully sleep for another hour.

6:00am - Liam (age 14) has his alarm set on a motivational song that I can hear quite well from the comfort of my bed.  Well, as comfortable as a bed can be with a kid in it.

6:30am - Teen aged son pours cereal noisily into glass bowl and mercilessly screeches wooden dining room chair over wood floor.  Back and forth...a little wiggle to get comfy...reprieve while he eats...back out and in when done.  Madness.

6:45am - My alarm goes off!  Boy I sure am enjoying sleeping in!!

I considered just getting up for the day when Cameron wakes with his night terrors...but then he will be up for the day as well and if you know 3 year olds, you know that they shouldn't get up before dawn.  No, ma'am.  But tomorrow is Saturday, so I'm sure he will sleep in.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peaceful Easy Days

As the mother of four, a home school Mom, and the owner of a home daycare, I don't often lament as to the ease of my days.  I normally have all I can handle and just enough more than that to make sure that I know God is in charge!

Though, this week has been amazingly serene.  I am down to one part time daycare sweetie, and both of my older children are in public school now.  Do I dare even count my Kindergarten child as a school aged kid?  Her activities are all fun and games!  We do a lot reading aloud, learning to write letters and numbers and simple addition with edible items, yum.

So, I've felt sort of guilty about all the free time I have.  Though, my house is much cleaner.

Tuesday morning we went to the library, just the 3 and 5 year olds and I.  We lingered over books and played the educational computer games.  Today we used our free morning to visit the YMCA.  I had a super relaxing swim and a nice run.  No need to wait for a lane or a treadmill, and the kids had fun playing with other toys.  I've had plenty of time to read my Bible.  I checked out a book from the library to read for pleasure.

Me and my Sue-Sue
It sure has been nice getting things like grocery shopping and library trips done during the day.  With the sun setting around 5:45pm, it's nice to be in the house - or at least approaching the house on foot by then.  I have  more energy and patience in the evenings and more to offer the 5 VIP's in my life.

It is a financial concern.  I've actually applied to wait tables to make up the gap.  But for now, and more pointedly for tomorrow, I will enjoy my "vacation" and my peaceful, easy days with little ones who soon won't be so.

I feel a little guilty about plenty of time to read and the opportunity to lay on the couch every afternoon for a little bit - but it won't last...and I just may have earned it.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Swimming, Football, and Hair Dye

Hit up the pool for a swim this morning.  I love early morning swims when I don't have to work later or be anywhere specific.  I had some coffee and read my Bible a little before hand.  Good start.  Though I got to the pool without my swim cap and goggles.  Bad.  I had a spare swim cap in my bag - but every pair of googles that I own were in the bag we took to the Y last night for Family Swim.  Doh!  I asked the Lifeguard if there were any long un-claimed goggles in the lost and found and - behold - I had some to use.  They were super foggerific, but I didn't spit in them because they weren't mine!

Great form, obviously NOT me.
I was blessed to run into a fine swimmer and all around nice gal that I've met on a site called DailyMile.  She is such an inspiration.  I don't know that I would have kept up the swimming and known even what to work on if she hadn't been so encouraging.  Oh - and she's "not a runner" - but just completed her first Marathon.  Surrounding myself with successful people...maybe I will be successful!

Here in good 'ol Lincoln Nebraska, it was a sea of Red already.  I came out of the Y about 9am and there were tons of people sporting their Cornhusker Football gear, ready for a 2:30 game.  I've lived here all my life and never been to a game.  I did, however get to finish the Lincoln Half Marathon by running across the 50 yard line with my face on the JumboTron.  Jealous?  :)

Welp, came home and cleaned the house.  Set out some stuff for lunch and laced up for an easy 5 miles.  I am chasing my year end goal and have fallen a little behind.  I was doing 3 miles six days a week, but missed 3 days (9 miles) so I will add 2 miles per day for 4 days and 1 mile on the 5th day.  Makes perfect sense.

Or it would if my foot didn't hurt.

About a month ago, I thought that I had pounded my second metatrsal out of whack.  I massaged it back in to place and rested for a few days.  It's never been the same.  It hurts all the time, and I've taken to wearing tennis shoes in my home, because the wood floors hurt my foot!  I've taped it, iced it, rested it, and finally decided that I will just run on it!

In other news, I spent the bare minimum on groceries this week.  And you know what that means...yep. T-Bone Steaks for dinner!  I always save some steaks back from the Half Beef that we buy in the winter.  It helps to eat like Kings when times are lean.
I should really write these things down.

S'pose I will head off to the drug store to buy some hair dye.  Hair is officially too long and too non-blonde.  Wish I could remember what box this color came from!  It was perfect. :)

Have a great Saturday!