Friday, October 12, 2012

Homecoming 2012

Sometimes, when we get older, time seems to fly by.  The seasons go and go, you can't keep up with how fast the kids grow.  You just bought groceries, shoes, a carburetor, but it's out.

In some ways, time slows down.  Was 1992 REALLY TWENTY YEARS AGO!?!  I don't think so...but it was.  I have such vivid memories of our 14 year old son being born, his first words, his first steps.  It seems like just yesterday that David assured me that an 8-year-old could walk to the end of the block to be picked up by the school bus.  Wasn't it just last week that he asked to wear contact lenses??

Liam and Sara.  Love that girl - Chucks with her dress, yes Ma'am!!

Our boy went to Homecoming with his girl, Sara, tonight.  I'm proud of them both.  They are Bible believing young people that live to honor God.  Both are Honors Students and I hate to say it...but Miss Sara might be just a little bit smarter than the boy.  He, he...  

Oh, time...slow down, please!?