Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blockbuster Blues

I had a hot date for tonight. I even took a little nap this afternoon so I wouldn't tire mid way. Being 36 weeks pregnant seems to be harder on the old bod this time around. I woke from an hour horizontal with my 5 year old snoozing beside me and slipped into the shower. I contemplated shaving my legs, but since hubby doesn't care and I can't see them anyway, I skipped it.

My phone rang just as I was thinking about what to wear and it seems our sitter isn't feeling well. Bummer. Her mom is my good friend and she was so apologetic! No big deal, we were just trying to squeeze in one more date before our duo of children becomes a trio. We didn't even really know where where we were going except for out to dinner. In fact - we couldn't even find a movie that we would be remotely interested in.

We decided that we would make it a family night and have a non-nurtritive feast and an at home cinematic veiwing. Driving to the video store, my husband and I talked about the money we were saving by not having the sitter and dining out - that's a plus, and we could all watch a movie together. Previously, we agreed to rent "Night at the Museum", so we just walked in and grabbed that one. But on the way in there were signs looming outside for movies like, "Saw III", "Black Dalia" and "Hannibal" that depicted very scary, bloody scenes. My 8 year old son became very disturbed by the videos at his eye level and asked to go stand by the candy at the register.

Our children are well aware of our take on mainstream media. We don't have cable tv, take a paper, or allow books or magazines that are unreviewed into our home. Not to say that some things don't ever get through, but for the most part, my husband and I don't even do any mainstream media. My son posed a question: "Mom, why do they make movies like that?". I tried the explaination that people didn't know any better. That alot of people don't know the Truth, don't read the Bible or go to church and don't know any other way to live than how they see on tv. That's why it's so important for us to spread the Good News.

My husband explained that people aren't satisfied with watching movies about normal things anymore. He relayed that people want everything to be more...more twisted, scary, wierd, or unbelievable. I thought that was a very interesting take on the subject.

So we had our frozen pizza, popcorn and for dessert - ice cream! I'm enjoying this last few weeks when my diet isn't in the forefront of my mind and I'm not worried about every single calorie. The movie was okay, the kids loved it. I got bored and was glad when it was over. The last movie I saw that I really thought was good was "Luther". It was fantastic - about the life of a monk in the 16th Century named Martin Luther. True story, even. Maybe you've heard of him.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Fighting Foo in a Purple Haze

I was driving home from work last night, flipping through the radio stations when a Rock Block of Jimmy Hendrix came on. Man, did I used to love Jimmy. Hear My Train a Comin', Crosstown Traffic, The Star Spangled Banner, oh man! I watched footage of him playing, tried to play the guitar myself, joined a band, wore tie-dye, smoked ganja and used words like groovy and said hey man when somone bogarded. I thought that was SO COOL. The life, the lifestyle, the culture.

What do I think of it now? Well, first of all when I was listening to this block of songs I mused over how straightforward the delivery was. A three piece set was all Jimmy needed. The drummer was certainly trying to keep up, but the bassist had the easiest job on earth! As for Jimmy, I couldn't really remember what I found so intriguing about his guitar work other than I couldn't replicate it, and I guess being sober ruined any chance to understand the lyrics.

It was a slow evolution away from the subculture that resulted in my ultimate abandonment of James Marshall Hendrix and his revolutionary methodology. First, having a baby changes your mind about smoking reefer when you know you need to get up with them in the night. I hate to say that I grew out of tie-dye and long beads, but I think that's what happened. Maybe I just realized that it was easier to run after a two year old in a pair of jeans.

Let's talk about the subculture. True, not all people that listen to the classic rock of the 60's and 70's are doing bong hits and practicing free love. Even the Dead had Warf Rats at thier concerts - a haven for those who didn't participate in the varied forms of intoxication. I don't want to over generalize - but for me personally, it was far more acceptable to pass around a pipe and crack a beer while listenting to Janis Joplin crone about whisky, men and the blues that it would be while jamming to Chris Tomlin sing How Great is Our God.

For the last year or so I have listened to nearly all Christian music. I love the hard rock bands, the worship singers and can even dig some of the gospel tunes. I have immersed myself in that subculture. I read alot and choose mostly books from Christian authors. After I completed the Left Behind series I was a little afraid that I would run out of options. No danger there! I don't have cable television and haven't watched the nightly news in...over a year, maybe more. Of course I have friends that aren't Christians, and I work with a ton of people that may or may not be. But, I do have one good girlfriend from church and I met my husband in Sunday School.

I guess listening to those songs brought back a flood of memories for me and I realized alot of things.
One - I wasn't really that happy back then. Sure, getting high and playing music real loud was fun at the time, but it hurt to get up and go to work in the morning.
Two - the people I was hanging out with weren't all that happy either, nor were they my friends. It's one thing to have in common a liking for Miller Light and Stevie Ray Vaughn, quite a deeper meaning to have a thirst for Truth and gratitude for Salvation by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ.
Three - the music really wasn't that good. I won't sit here and even begin to say that all secular music is second rate or that I haven't heard some Christian music that was really aweful. But for depth of lyrical value, layers of sound and melody and overall listenability, that stuff from the acid era was terrible!

I did dig up a Foo Fighters CD when I got home - David Grohl has a fantasitc voice and thier music is so layered and colorful, don't like the lyrics. Also, do you remember Candlebox from the early '90's? Found one of thier CD's on ebay - can't wait to get that! No, I probably won't don a flannel shirt and take up heroin, but it's fun to listen to the stuff that was around when I graduated high school.

I think I'll stick with submersing myself in a subculture that I can feel myslelf growing in. When I listen to songs about glorifying God, trusting Him always, and the fact that He loves me even though He knows where I've been - encourages me and makes me better at everything I do. I never got that from ol' Jimmy.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Maiden Blog

So I guess I have finally joined the others of my generation who have taken advantage of the web to talk about thier lives. It seems funny to me how we make friends now. I have a friend that I have never met. Found her on a fitness and child rearing website and we email back and forth. I think my Great Grandma called that a Pen Pal. Whatever works.

My inital motivation in starting this blog is this - I want to share the evolution of my faith in Jesus, my role as a wife and mother, the clearing out of the wreckage of my past and the growth that is going on in me personally. I would like to find other women out there that share similar experience and would like to get encouraged. I know I may find other women that totally disagree with me and would like to get enraged. That's okay too.

I have regularly been disapointed at the lack of support for working Christian mothers. I have searched the web, asked around, joined Bible studies and still havn't found a good support group. I did find one website that looked promising, but the person spearheading that was a former Mrs. America with a nice little speaking career. That's a far cry from a mother working as a secretary, a waitress, or on an assembly line. Truthfully, I'm not sure what she has in common with me other than the fact that a child exited our bodies and we both look to Jesus as our Lord and Savior.